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Fezly is a collection of tools and experiments attempting to be a cohesive product.

The tools built here were initially created to solve some of our own frustrations with existing alternatives. We hope that you find the tools on this site of some use. We are constantly working to make improvements and kindly appreciate any and all feedback.

The primary product that Fezly provides is the FOS which is a virtual web-based desktop with access to all of your devices. This interface is synchronized across all views, be that a large desktop monitor, your smartphone, or a room-sized television screen. This synchronicity results in interesting use cases that we never even considered like using it to run presentations or do collaborative content browsing across different view devices. We've already started the process of taking these fringe use-cases and building them into stable features.

Registration is open for anyone who wants to see the real thing and give it a try.

Fezly itself does not store your data, rather it facilitates access to your own data. We want to encourage content-ownership and help stem the tide of content centralization from various streaming services. You should be able to access your content with the convenience of centralized services and convenience need not be the exclusive domain of centralization. We're always working to make FOS more stable and for the virtual desktop to support an ever increasing number of file types and features.

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