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Fezly is always looking for curious individuals to join our team. Things move pretty fast around here and we hope that new team members find it as exhilarating as we do. There is a lot to do and we could definitely use the help.

If you are truly interested please send us a message with your name and a link to some of your past works. We would love to hear about your interests even if it doesn't directly relate to the work we do. Below is a list of potential positions.

Senior Software Engineer

There is a lot to do and so we could really use a good generalist who can wear lots of hats (physical hats optional). We would love to have someone who has experience with distributed systems, various protocols, and capable of writing complex distributed systems in a simple scalable manner. Someone who is familiar with newer technologies but does not easily jump into the newest shiny without weighing all the pros and cons. A pragmatist would be ideal. Someone who has done a good amount of the usual full-stack development and has done a good amount of backend systems development.
Keywords: WebRTC, Websockets, Build-Systems, RPC, Flatbuffers, IPC, Transcoding
Languages: C/C++, Golang, JavaScript (Web + NodeJS)
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States (Remote Okay)

Senior Security Engineer

There are a large number of security challenges in building what is essentially a distributed multi-device operating system. We care deeply about security. We are looking for someone who can oversee the security of our application, ideally someone who has previously worked with distributed systems. Someone who can understand and mitigate risks on both the backend as well as the front-end.
Languages: Golang, JavaScript (Web + NodeJS)
Keywords: ACLs, HMAC, OAuth, Remote-Updates, Package-Signing, WebRTC, Unix
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Senior UI/UX Designer

Good design is truly difficult and we have a great deal of respect for designers. We are looking for someone with a keen eye to tell us how things should look and how they should behave.
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States (Remote Okay)