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Movies and spoofs

I love the Moulin Rouge movie! It's full of spoofs… The story is a spoof of La Traviata, the songs are collected from other places… Maybe I've seen enough original materials that spoofs are fun now.

Talking about spoofs… Galaxy Quest is also a great spoof of Star Trek, because it's spoof with a heart. It both makes fun of the show and demonstrates its love for the show, on top of that, it's a love letter to the fans. It reminds me of Scalzi's Redshirts.

Both of these movies have another thing in common, they're meta. Galaxy Quest makes fun of its aging actors and ridiculous screen play, while at the same time relying on them to carry the story across. Moulin Rouge is about a writer and an actress collaborating on their own love story. Deconstructionism makes them more real…