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Syed Reza
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Deployed at Last

Deployment went much smoother than expected.

This is a NodeJS re-write of my old Perl based site. The major shortcoming of my former site was that it wasn't particularly easy to edit or upload new content. It occurred to me that this minor nuisance was not only preventing me from posting content, but as a result, I was actually producing less content.

I wanted something that would encourage me to write more on a daily basis. This editor has the usual markdown support, with syntax highlighting in code blocks, and latex math support.

The editor also gives me a simple two staged draft, meaning I can publish something, work on changes, save those changes over a period of time, and then decide to publish again. The goal is to remove the fear of publishing in stone, to allow the author to create a better final product. Writing is a process, and editing is a core part of that process.